Dated Carpet

Dated Carpet

What happens to carpet over time? Well, perhaps the question should be rephrased. What happens to anything over time? It gets old! Well, yes. But there’s more to it than that. When products age, they wear down over time. And carpeting is no different. There are a few main things that happened to carpet over time.

The most obvious thing that happens is that the appearance of carpet changes. And it doesn’t change for the better! Before we go any further, let’s assume that the owner of the carpet does not regularly clean the carpet. Alright, that should set the tone.

By appearance changing, I am talking about the color of the carpeting. The color usually changes a little bit lighter. For example, if a carpet was dark brown 15 years ago, it might be regular or light brown now. If a carpet was dark green 15 years ago, it might be regular green or light green now. And, who buys dark green carpeting anyways? Learn more carpet installation tips.

Dated Carpet

Let’s talk about smell. A new carpet smells good! It has that “new car” type smell. Over time, carpeting begins to smell. This is even worse if the owner and pets. By regular cleaning of the carpet, it may continue to smell normal. By cleaning I mean vacuuming and even professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning business will “power wash” a carpet by using a special soap and water chemical blend. When I was younger, and I had carpets, my parents would occasionally have one of these companies clean our rugs.

One last thing happens to carpets over time. They thin out! New carpets are thick, oftentimes. But with age, the fabrics begin to loosen and come apart. Proper cleaning and regular upkeep can minimize the negative effects of an aging carpet. This is why so many carpet cleaning companies are in business today!

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