Flooring: All About Travertine Material

Flooring: All About Travertine Material

Once the minerals of hot springs are collected, travertine limestone or travertine marble is formed.  Travertine can be sealed or not, considering that the location it has been installed to and its purpose of use. Travertine has a specific natural texture since it is porous in natural form. Travertine tiles available in the stores can be found as travertine mosaic tiles, pavers or slabs. Travertine tiles can be utilized in different forms like for flooring which is used popularly, backsplash for kitchen or bathroom, countertops, and many others. In order stop dirt from entering into the pores of tiles, its protection needs various sealant coats.

Types of Travertine

Travertine is widely used in various places like flooring, paving, patios since travertine tiles are durable, easy to install and easy to maintain as compared to other stones.You can check some DIY and guides online since it’s easy to install. Because of its flexibility as a material, it can also be utilized as wall coverings and claddings. Travertine has been bifurcated in the way these tiles are cut into the following types:

Flooring: All About Travertine Material

Vein Cut Travertine Tile

A linear pattern for vein cut travertine since the stone is cut right along its vein or across the bedding plane. It shows lines or bedding planes for this cutting style.

Fleuri Cut Travertine Tile

Made by cutting the stone parallel to the bedding plane for fleuri cut travertine tile. It is also acknowledged as crosscut.  Circular patterns are present for this cut. Since it is prone to damage with heavy use continually, the fleuri cut travertine tiles are not highly proposed to be used in areas or passages which are in common use or high traffic areas.

Design Ideas

It will be a competent finish for indoor walls for travertine tumbled mosaic tiles. If used for outdoor wall cladding, this will also work well. Travertine tumbled mosaic tiles can install them in patios, pool deck or grills.

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