Proper Roof Ventilation

Proper Roof Ventilation

If the roof of your house is made out of good quality and has been installed properly, there is a sense of security that you can feel. No amount of heavy rain or disasters can startle you because you are sure that your house is well protected. Provided that you have a sense of security, roof ventilation should also be considered an important aspect of your house.

If your roof has been found out to have a poor ventilation, it certainly won’t last and you need to anticipate dry rotting, material curling, and also cupping.

Proper Roof Ventilation

What is Dry Rotting?

Dry rotting is when construction materials such as wood and timber have been eaten away by fungi. The wood develops hollowed spots making it soft and brittle.

If your house is generally made up of wood, then this is not a good sign, and if you ever find yourself contemplating floor problems.

What causes Dry rotting?

Dry rotting is usually caused by poor roofing job execution. It could also occur if the damaged roof is not immediately repaired. The entire structure will be compromised once dry rotting has occurred. It is imperative to fix all the damaged materials or parts in your house, most especially the roof.

Simply fix the leaks of your roof, or replace the entire roof. This would still depend on the extent of the damage.

Proper Roof Ventilation

Ventilation serves as heat regulator especially during the extreme heat of the summer. The moisture that accumulates from the roof beam spaces and also from the attic. In this regard you can get expert opinions from roofing repair companies near me.

To provide a proper ventilation, there is a required measurement recommended by the uniform building code requirement. It should also be well distributed to the entire structure. Once proper roof ventilation is installed, the damages caused by moisture can be prevented and no roof is exempted from this.

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