Things to Consider With Carpet Flooring

Things to Consider With Carpet Flooring

If you are dying to put carpet in your bathroom floors but worried over the moisture that might result to molds, well no one can stop you now. Ok so this bathroom material may be a little bit outdated but if you are feeling retro, or you just happen to spot your favorite celebrity on Instagram or Pinterest in a bathroom, with lush carpet and you feel like you’ve got to have the same thing then by all means give it a try.

We’ve gathered tips from professional carpet installers on what to consider when installing carpet in your bathroom floors.

Carpet Thickness

You might want to choose low pile carpeting. With lower piles, less moisture is absorbed because it dries faster. Cleaning can be easier too with lower pile carpets. Click here to get about factors that affect the usage life of the carpets.

Avoid Using Wool Carpet Materials

Compared to nylon or other man-made materials, wool is not only expensive but its staple fiber sheds off which would eventually loosen and destroy the entire form of the carpet. The fibers could even get stuck on your clothes. It is not advisable for people with asthma for the very obvious reason. Soaps and detergents can even damage wool fibers so it is not advisable to place it on the busy part of the bathroom.

Things to Consider With Carpet Flooring

Concrete Subfloor

It is better if you have a concrete subfloor because it doesn’t absorb water. If you don’t have, then you can install a cement-based backer board such as a WonderBoard.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Studies show that clean carpets are less prone to molding than those that have not been cleaned for a long time even when exposed to the same amount of moisture.

Reduce Moisture

Excess water in the bathroom should be avoided by keeping faucets leak-free. Mop water puddles as often as possible so moisture and molds can be reduced.

At the end of the day, you will still want a design that matches your functional needs so think first before you consider a carpet flooring for your bathroom.