Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Kids

Two Themes To Apply Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Kids

How do make the kids excited for a shower in the morning? If you offer a private bathroom for kids, don’t forget to give a touch of attractive decoration.

Honestly, decorate kids bathroom isn’t difficult as long as can get inspiration or ideas to make it happen. First of all, we have to specify a theme! What is their favorite? We have to make it happen but make sure the theme can last for several years.

There are different bathroom decorating ideas for kids, and it all depends on the theme. In addition to color and furniture, we should put on bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders to rinse cups.

Are you interest to try? Here are three interesting themes able to decorate a bathroom, such as:

1. Underwater theme is a popular choice because can survive in a long term. Many children love it and become more excited about a shower. Decorate your bathroom with many accessories such as blue curtains for windows (if any) and blue shower curtains.

Cover the walls using tan and make a focal point using wallpaper with a nautical theme with fish pictures.

2. Children love to spend time playing on the beach and it is the right theme for your bathroom. Cover the walls with soft brown and give decals with the beach theme. Choose tan accessories for the bathroom. As a final touch, put a beach-themed shower curtain.

Choose one of those two-bathroom decorating ideas for kids above!